Our Service Specialties

Durable provides uniquely focused solutions that makes us the go-to specialists for piling restoration and repairs.

  • Timber pile splicing: Pile splicing involves replacing a deteriorated pile with new material using approved and tested techniques.

  • Timber pile wraps: This process is applied at the ground level to prevent issues with decay and deterioration caused by moisture and pests.

  • Timber caps: Timber caps can be repaired or replaced as situations warrant.

  • Deck boards: Deck boards deteriorate over time requiring replacements. Durable assesses each bridge for needed replacements.

  • Abutment wall repairs: Durable’s capability to reconstruct abutment walls is a key component of our bridge repairs.

  • Bridge approaches: Bridge approaches can experience issues such as settlement and deterioration. Repair work ensures the long-term integrity of those portions of the system.

  • Guardrail repair and replacement: Durable replaces guardrails “in kind” or by applying new design criteria provided by engineers or entities.

  • Carbon fiber application: As certified installers, Durable uses carbon fiber materials as specified by engineers.

  • Concrete cap carbon fiber repair: Concrete caps can be strengthened using carbon fiber as specified by consulting engineers.

  • Concrete column carbon fiber repair: Concrete columns can be strengthened using carbon fiber as specified by consulting engineers.

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