Testing & Proof of Concept

At Durable, we take pride in the fact that our work has been stress tested at the USDA Forest Service to validate Durable’s approach and ensure long-lasting, reliable results.

Testing produced the following:

  • Testing scenarios: Testing evaluated several different repair types compared to a virgin pile focusing on the lateral deflection limits of the pile.

  • Key finding: The point of the testing program was to determine the adequacy of the pile wrapping techniques as well as determining optimal wraps/dowel configurations. All pile wrap test specimens tested exceed capacities of the USDA splice method as well as LA DOTD allowable load values. It was also observed that the bond between the wrap materials and the timber did not fail as failure occurred between internal wood fibers.

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Piling Protection

We also provide techniques to protect pilings from the elements.

Piles need to be protected from water exposure, UV rays, and potential channeling. There are various strategies that Durable implements to ensure long-term ultraviolet protection and minimal water degradation.

Completed Projects

Total Count of Pile Repairs as of 10/31/21: 470
ProjectNature of Repair# PilesCompletion DateLA DOTD Region
USDA Black Creek Bridge RepairsPile splices, concrete repairs and carbon fiber19Oct-21FL
Lafayette Consolidated Government - Anderson RoadPile Splicing16Sep-213
Lafayette Consolidated Government Bajat RoadPile Splicing13Sep-213
City of Youngsville Pedestrian BridgeHandrail Repairs0Aug-213
Rapides Parish Police Jury Lee Road BridgePile Splicing2Aug-218
Iberville Parish Callegan RoadPile Splicing4Jul-213
Ascension Parish Emergency Bridge repairsAbutment Wall Repairs2Jul-2161
USDA Kisatchie National Forest NFSF 360-2.8Guard Rail Repair0Jun-218
City of Gonzales, LAGuardrail Repair0May-2161
City of Youngsville, LA Pedestrian BridgeNew Construction of 80 foot pedestrian bridge0Mar-213
Port of Lake Charles Railroad TrestleRepaired railroad trestle completing 16 splices16Jan-213
Ascension Parish Emergency RepairsPile Splicing20Jun-2161
Union Parish Police JuryCap repairs, pile splices3May-215
USDA 521-2.9Design build project completing 6 splices and changing a Cap6Dec-208
City of Youngesville, LA - Bridge RepairsRepaired 12 bridges for the city including work on abuttment walls, concrete caps and piles4Nov-203
St Mary Parish - Chatsworth BridgeRebuilt abuttment wall and changed Cap on bridge0Oct-203
St Bernard Parish - Bayou LaLautreCarbon Fibre Repair on concrete bridge0Oct-202
Crowley, LA - Pile splice Repairs6 Pile splices on existing bridge6Aug-203
Ascension Parish - Jail House Road BridgeSpliced 12 piles and installed new caps, stringers and deck boards12Aug-2061
Lecompte, LA - Bridge RestorationComplete restoration of timber bridge with 4 pile splices4July-208
Houma, LA - Concrete overpass repairCarbon Fibre Repair on concrete bridge0Jun-202
USDA 127K1119R0004 (287-7.7)Design Build 3 splices,cap repair,concrete repair curbs,concrete girder repair with carbe fibre and upgrade of guard rails3May-208
USDA 127K1119R0004 (287-7.1)Design Build 14 splices,concrete curb repairs,joint sealer and upgrade of guard rail14May-208
USDA 127K1119R0004 (339-1.3)Design Build Rebuild abutment,7 splices,rebuild abutment,upgrade of guard rail,joint sealer and change cap7Apr-208
Acadia Parish Henry Road2 splices2Apr-203
USDA 127K1119R0004 (231-1.3)Design Build project 8 splices completed plus upgrade of guard rail8Feb-208
Acadia Parish Pointe Noir Road10 18 foot splices - repaired over water10Dec-193
USDA 1237K1119R0004 (LO1-1.0)Design Build Rebuild abutment,11 splices, place rip rap and upgrade guard rails11Dec-198
Ascension ParishBraud Road Guardrail Repair0Nov-1961
St Mary Parish Penn Rd5 splices plus cap repair5Oct-193
St Mary Parish Penn RdCap repair and abutment repair0Oct-193
St Mary Parish Verdunville rd2 splices and 3 pile repairs2Sep-193
Vernon Parish Boundary RdRepair abutment,replace stringers,caps,deck boards and guardrail0Aug-198
City of Youngsville LARepair abutment wall and fill with flowable fill1Jun-193
Acadia Parish Ebenezer Road2 splices2 May-193
City of Youngsville LA4 Bridges at E Milton, Bridge at Savoy Road, Bridge at Iberia Street Total 31 pile splices and abutment wall repairs31Apr-193
USDA FS 127K1118C0007Bridge at MM 120-7.0 2 splices, cap repair, joint seal and guard rail2Feb-198
USDABridge at MM 422-4.6 Rip Rap0Oct-188
USDABridge at MM 558-1.3 8 splices, wingwall repair, joint seal8Oct-188
Bridge at MM585-2.6 2 splices, cap repair, wingwall repair, joint seal and guard rail2Apr-198
Bridge at MM 585-2.7 3 splices, cap repair, wingwall repair, joint seal and guard rail3Nov-188
USDA FS 127K1118C0005Bridge at MM 400-3.7 7 splices7Sep-188
Bridge at MM 523-2.7 3 splices, rework 2 abutments and approaches3Oct-188
City of Duson LA3 splices, rework 2 abutment walls and approaches3Oct-183
CEC Construction (LADOTD)Carbon fiber repair at US 90 and I-10 Lake Charles, LANov-187
City of Scott LA3 splices3Feb-193
Ascension Parish - Louis White Road3 splices and rebuilt timber bridge3Feb-1961
Ascension Parish - Norwood RoadRebuilt abutments and pumped flowable fillFeb-1961
USDA FS Bridge 400-3.89 splices 3 pile repairs Open to traffic12Sept-188
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 145-1.9 Replace Guard Rail8
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 272-2.9 1 spice and 2 pile repairs3May-188
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 400-3.7 8 Splices 2 Epoxy cap reapirs88
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 450-0.7 Repair Guard Rails 1 Epoxy cap repair8
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 471-0.6 Repair 2 piles2Jul-188
USDA FS 127K1118C0003Bridge at MM 521-1.3 Repair Guard Rail8
USDA FS Bridge 814MOD #1 1 splice rebuild 1 abutment1Aug-188
Avoyelles - Desselle's Crossing26 splices 15 over 18' Public bid - Nearest bidder was over $150,000 higher26Sep-188
Ascension - Township Road1 splice rebuild 2 abutments1Jul-1861
St Landry - Solid Waste4 splices over 10'4Jun-183
Tide-O-Way Farm - Private6 splices6May-18NA
City of Broussard LA2 splices2Apr-183
Lafayette Consolidated Government - East Peck9 splices Public bid $49,100.00. Nearest bidders $48,000 to $150,000 higher9Mar-183
Acadia - Northern Avenue28 splices 15 over 10'28Jan-183
St Landry - Rozena 2Add gunstock at cap and redeck bridgeJan-173
Ascension - Manchac Acres4 splices abutment repairs4Mar-1761
Acadia - Jacobs Avenue2 splices with 28 parties watching process including DOTD2Apr-173
Ascension - Robert Denham2 splices repair wing walls and pump flowable fill2Jun-1761
LeBlanc - PrivateRepair caps and install new deckAug-17NA
Ascension - Summerfield 1 & 226 splices pump flowable fill at 1 abutment 2 bridges26Aug-1761
USDA - 145-1.95 splices rebuild both abutments down 16'5Oct-178
St Landry - Rozena6 splices over 9'6Feb-163
St Landry - Lost Cayou4 splices repair deck4Feb-163
St Landry - Billeaux Rd5 splices repair abutment wall5Feb-163
EBR - Angus DriveAdd gun stock at cap repair capMar-1661
EBR - TestAdd gun stock at capMar-1661
Bossier City LA1 splice1Jul-164
St Landry - Bayou Jack11 splices over 12'11Aug-163
Lafourche - Mary Beth Road7 splices 2 gunstock supports for deck7Sep-162
Bastrop LA3 splices repair abutment wall3Nov-165
Ascension - Manchac AcresGuardrail repairNov-1661
Tunica Biloxi Tribe Nature WalkwayNew construction for connecting existing elevated walking trail to new bridgeJun-15NA
Gonzalas LA - PuperaRepaired 2 piles pumped flowable fill at abutments2Apr-1561
Gonzalas LA - Marchand Road1 splice with DOTD on site Steven Sibly Halie Brown1May-1561
Gonzalas LA - Douglas Road1 splice built new bridge with Kevlar technique1Jun-1561
Ascension - Ott Road1 splice1Apr-1561
Terrebonne - Bayou Gardens7 splices7Jul-152
Ascension - Beco Road2 splices2Jul-1561
City of Carrencro LA - 002Retaining wall 2 locationsDec-153
Les Hausse - Private2 splices new cap 1 cap repair2Jul-14NA
Ascension - Joe Sevario Road3 splices spal repair3Sep-1461
East Feliciana - Carruth Road2 splices repair stringers and new deck boards2Feb-1361
Lester Schmidt - PrivateNew abutment wallsFeb-13NA
West Feliciana - Plattenburg Road1 splice 2 total cap repairs1Feb-1361
City of Carencro10 splices rebuid bridge10May-133
East Feliciana - John Thomas Road3 spices rebuid bridge3Dec-1261

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