Before and after: total timber bridge repair on the Desselle Crossing.

Before and after: total timber bridge repair on the Lecompte Bridge.

Deteriorated pile under bridge

pole wrapping

A protective wrap is applied to the spliced pile to achieve the final repair. This completed repair not only resembles the original pile, it improves upon it and adds years to the useful life of the structure.

Rotten portion of pile removed down to solid wood

restored piling

A restored pile is shown here supporting newly installed and restored caps.

New Material is then spliced onto the exposed solid wood replacing the deteriorated portion of the pile with new timber

restored support structure

This restored bridge section is completed and has been done at a fraction of the cost of replacing the structure or other repair alternatives.

rotten timber

Even rotten end caps that seem worthless can be brought back into service. Where replacing this type of material may be the only solution considered, the cap can actually be brought back to a condition as good as or even better than when originally constructed.

Void filled in existing timber

Rotten material is removed and voids are filled in the existing timber cap with a thickened epoxy resin mixture, fashioned to conform to the original cap dimensions. The end product, completed on site, provides both the necessary structural integrity, and an appearance as though the repair never happened.

Repaired Railroad Trestle Piles

Opposite view of Repaired Railroad Trestle Piles

Newly constructed pedestrian bridge over drainage canal

Pedestrian bridge with installed railing system

Tall timber bridge piles in need of splicing

Spliced timber piles over water supporting concrete deck

Carbon Fiber Repair with adhesion completed under a concrete bridge deck

Carbon Fiber has been applied to reinforce this concrete pile and cap that are supporting an interstate overpass

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