The Benefits of Working with Durable Piling Restoration

Communities throughout Louisiana and beyond that need assistance with infrastructure repair choose Durable because they know we are a cost-effective, capable specialist in this field of work. It is simply what we do.

Here are just a few of the primary benefits associated with working with Durable.

  • Long-lasting work: The work we perform on piles and bridges is designed to withstand the test of time. We’ve repaired hundreds of piles and dozens of bridges, and thanks to our work they will remain in service for years to come.

  • Economical near-term solution: It’s far more financially advantageous to perform piling restoration than to replace structural components. Repairs come in at a fraction of the cost of replacements, so you can keep existing infrastructure in operation rather than starting from scratch.

  • Environmentally friendly: We take sustainability seriously, and we focus on using renewable resources in all of our repair and restoration work. In addition, it is our constant goal to perform our work in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible.

  • State and federal approval: Our work, approved by private engineers, the USDA, and state inspectors, will ensure you will meet all necessary compliance standards for your job.

  • Self-performing specialty contractor: Circumstances always change, but historically Durable self performs over 80% of projects undertaken. Where necessary we bring in partners to address specific project needs.

  • Experienced partners: As specialists in this kind of work our attention to detail and quality is apparent in every job we do. We have relationships with key engineering firms and material providers that enhance our ability to properly complete a project in a timely manner.

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