Timber Bridge and Boardwalk New Construction, Restoration, & Repair

Timber bridges have been used for generations in the United States as a key piece of infrastructure. Our work helps these bridges last long into the future by using composites to prolong the life of the structure and techniques that apply them correctly.

We do this in projects such as:

  • Bridges with timber components (such as concrete deck bridges supported by timber piles)

  • Pedestrian bridges

  • Boardwalks and walkways

  • Raised structures (such as buildings) sitting on timber piles

The first step to a timber bridge repair is inspection, to determine the current condition and the types of remediation that may be necessary. The types of issues facing bridges will vary based on their usage and location, but the most important to consider is wood decay and its causes.

Upon evaluating the level of decay or deterioration in the timber, our team can then take action with repair work to rehabilitate the structure and ensure it is safe and capable of lasting long into the future.

Timber Bridge, Piling and Related Infrastructure Repairs for Public and Private Clients

Timber Bridge New Construction & Restoration

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