Who We Are

Founded in 2012, Durable is a Louisiana based specialty contractor, licensed for work in repairing critical infrastructure.

Proven Performance

Durable understands timber structures and how to protect them, so we use high-quality composite technology and bridge repair methodologies to protect state and local bridges and other timber and concrete structures. The techniques we employ are credited with prolonging the lives of bridges, saving state and local governments significant amounts of money they’d otherwise have to spend on replacing these structures.

Simply put, we know our work, and we know how to deliver excellence. Trust in our team to give you long-lasting, high-quality results!

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How We Do It

Every timber bridge repair job begins with an inspection to determine the stress points of the existing piling inventory. Our general standard is that if it’s still standing, it can probably be repaired. Inspections also evaluate caps, stringers, deck boards (if applicable) and abutment/wing walls.

We apply pile wraps and splice piles at those areas evidencing deterioration, usually near the ground level. We’ll repair and replace caps, stringers and deck boards as needed. Using a combination of epoxies and resins with the experience to apply them, we coat the timber components repeatedly while wrapping them with planking and aramid fiber material.

When curing is complete, the wrap becomes part of or one with the timber. The wrap is impervious to water, chemicals and freezing and thawing cycles, making it an almost indestructible source of stability for years to come.

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To learn more about our company and the timber structure restoration services we provide, we encourage you to contact us today at Durable with any questions you have for our team.