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What We Do

For nearly a decade, Durable has provided outstanding bridge repair and piling restoration services to keep infrastructure in top-notch condition.

Over time, timber bridges and structures can see significant deterioration, making maintenance and restoration necessary to keep them operational. Our team works with engineers that support both public and private entities to evaluate infrastructure, determine the best methods of repair, and provide solutions designed to withstand the test of time.

Reach out to our team with your questions about our work and we will be happy to discuss your project requirements in greater detail.

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Satisfied Clients

“Durable Piling is a very courteous group, responsible, and willing to adjust to their customer’s schedule. They also have one of the best products out there.”

Ascension Parish

“Durable has successfully delivered quality service, on time and on budget.”

Kisatchie National Forest

Benefits of our Service

Why place your trust in our company?
Here are just a few of the benefits that come with working with Durable.

  • Cost effective: Aging infrastructure can be extremely expensive to replace. Our repair solutions provide excellent, long-lasting results at a fraction of the cost of replacing pilings or other structural components. Our engineering partners, who are very familiar with bridge repair and design, provide the design specifications for our repair solutions. We have go-to sources for material procurement that allow us to get the best products at the best pricing for our clients.

  • Proven: These are data-backed, time-tested, and sensible solutions that make sense for all parties involved. You can trust the results will provide value and reliability for many years to come.

  • Availability: We maintain our own inventory of key bridge components.

  • Fast: We’re capable of quickly responding to engineers’ assessments for repairs and delivering high-quality services and restoration solutions that allow problems to be dealt with before they get out of hand.

  • Convenient: Many repairs can be done without closing bridges. Our repairs result in minimal bridge closures and disruption of traffic.

  • Timely: We focus on delivering completed projects on time to minimize disruptions and to maximize the value we provide to our clients.

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