Durable provides quick assessments with creative solutions for restoring deteriorating infrastructure.

For Timber Bridges

  • Timber bridges have been successfully used throughout the world for ages
  • The most common issue adversely impacting the life of a Timber Bridge is Water
  • Timber bridges can be built and repaired quickly and at an economical cost
  • Techniques exist to channel water away from key stress points in bridge structures
  • Durable has developed solutions in concert with bridge engineers and the LADOTD to ensure their acceptability and approval
  • Durable truly partners with local governments so they get good value for the work delivered

 Piling Restoration

  • Piling replacement can be very expensive (out of pocket)
  • Piling replacement can be difficult
    • Remote locations
    • Inaccessible locations
    • Inappropriate splicing methods
  • Piling replacement can be disruptive
    • Hours of service interruption lead to complaints and late night calls
  • Restored and wrapped pilings:
    • can be brought to a standard as good or better than when first put into service
    • cure to provide strength and retard deterioration
    • can be completed with minimal closures and down time
    • ensure uninterrupted customer service at a reasonable price for a long, long time

How Do We Know This?

  • Industry Feedback makes clear that composite solutions are effective in repairing and restoring timber structures
  • Durable Clients make clear that our repair solutions make sense and save them money
  • Experience Speaks for itself
    • Pilings wrapped 10 to 20 years ago are still in service
    • Durable’s experience in woodworking over the past 30+ years provides unparalleled expertise
    • Since its inception, Durable has repaired well over 200 pilings in a variety of applications and situations
  • More and more municipalities see the wisdom of repairing and restoring their timber structures versus costly replacements
  • Durable has done work for several communities and proven what the right solutions and proper project execution can deliver
  • Durable’s piling repairs have been laboratory tested to demonstrate their effectiveness and durability – testing results are available upon request