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What We Do

Preventive maintenance prolongs the life of timber structures. Durable repairs utility poles, bridge pilings and similar timber structures using composite applications similar to that found in automotive and aerospace applications.

  • Piling Wraps Using Composite Materials
  • Timber Bridge Cap and Stringer Repairs
  • Deck Board and Railing Installation
  • Pile splicing using LADOTD Approved Methods
  • Customized Flashing for Protecting Bridge Components

Product Applications

  • Utility Poles
  • Timber Bridges
  • Concrete Bridges on Timber Pilings
  • Marinas and Boardwalks
  • Abutment Walls

Process Diagram for Wrapping Pilings

PoleWrappingDiagram copy

  1. Dirt is excavated around pole perimeter
  2. Planking material with reinforced rods is wrapped around pole with an epoxy / resin mixture
  3. Aramid fiber is wrapped around pole with final coat of resin. Top coat of resin also provides UV protection – a new product/process enhancement