Key Info

IMG_0425Durable provides quick assessments with creative solutions for restoring deteriorating infrastructure. Most of Durable’s work centers around timber bridge repair using bridge inspection reports, on site visual inspections with Durable solutions inspected and approved by LADOTD and certified bridge engineers.

Treated Material Used:

  • appears visually similar to creosote but without environmental concerns.
  • restores structural integrity
  • is brought to a standard as good or better than when first put into service.
  • is generally much less expensive than replacement options.
  • has an extended useful life of 20 years or more.
  • results in greater asset utilization at a reasonable price.

Cost Estimate:

  • Generally pilings can be treated based on a per pile basis or a charge per linear foot wrapped while more extensive bridge repairs on caps, stringers and deck boards require specific estimates based on visual inspections.
  • Pricing is a function of the number of piles, caps, stringers and deck boards requiring attention, pile locations, bridge height, accessibility of the structure and the extent of preventative maintenance requested.
  • Bridge failure is tough to predict but routine inspections are what usually puts Durable to work. The key is for the owner to act prior to structure failure in order to:
    • Avoid service interruption (Keep the Bridge Open)
    • Avoid customer complaints (Keep Taxpayers Happy)
    • Avoid bad press (Keep Everyone Happy)


  • Resins and curing agents used are safer than creosote and arsenic
  • MSDS sheets on each of the materials employed are available
  • Material mixing is done over a plastic tarp to contain any spillage and facilitate disposal
  • Excess material, once cured or hardened, is removed and can be put into any landfill
  • Piling wraps:
    • are generally done around ground level and even under water
    • are done while keeping bridges open
    • require minimal excavation and preparation around piles
    • do not require heavy lifting or equipment
  • Repairs require minimal climbing to complete repairs
  • Crews are in and out quickly for typical repairs