About Us

Who We Are

  • Organized in 2012
  • Louisiana Limited Liability Company
  • Louisiana Licensed Contractor # 57940
  • Focused on providing Economical Repair Solutions
  • Kevin Laborde – President
  • Peter Decuir – Chief Operating Officer


  • Solutions employed have their origins back to the early 1990s when utility poles were first wrapped to prolong their useful life
  • From millwork and cabinetry installs 30+ years ago to timber bridge structures today, Durable knows about wood and how to protect it
  • Composite technology and bridge repair methodologies have been used on many bridges across the state of Louisiana including timber and concrete structures
  • Techniques have been developed to prolong bridge life saving dollars for both local and state governments
  • Durable has worked closely with the Louisiana Transportation Research Center and LADOTD in developing its solutions
  • The principals and employees of Durable know the process and how to deliver

Why We Do It

  • Aging Electrical Grid Networks & Bridge Infrastructure make these repair solutions more cost effective than replacing pilings
  • Proven Solutions that save money just make sense for all concerned
  • Cost Effective strategies that utilize all available resources result in smart repair decisions
  • Quickly Delivered solutions allow problems to be dealt with before they get out of hand
  • Uninterrupted Service is always appreciated
  • Lasting Results demonstrate the value delivered for clients

How We Do It

  • Stress points of existing piling inventory are identified by Inspection (If still standing, it can generally be repaired)
  • Piling Wraps are applied at stress point – typically near ground level but can be virtually any length of the pile
  • Caps, Stringers and Deck Boards are repaired or replaced as necessary and when Durable is done they are protected from deteriorating
  • Using a combination of epoxies and resins, Durable coats the timber components repeatedly while wrapping it with planking and aramid fiber material
  • Once cured the end result is a protective sleeve around the treated component giving it rigidity and strength
  • Once completed the wrap becomes part of or one with the timber
  • Once applied it cannot be removed
  • The wrap is impervious to chemicals, water and freeze/thaw cycles – Almost indestructible
  • Protective flashing designed for bridge applications prevents future water damage extending bridge life
  • Weather conditions make a difference in applications and Durable knows how to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity

Durable Clients leverage their available resources to serve their communities by:

  • Scheduling facility closures to minimize inconvenience to community
  • Maintaining existing sources for material procurement to obtain best material pricing
  • Utilizing existing personnel on staff and equipment on hand, where possible, to reduce cost
  • Delivering on time project completion by using Durable!